"Thanks to Formula Medicine, the driver has become an object of scientific interest. The first study on heart rates in competition dates back to 1989, and after more than 30 years of success the program is now focused on brain function, in collaboration with important private organisations and prestigious Universities."

Authors of international and prestigious scientific research papers

30 years of scientific research carried out directly at Formula 1 circuits have shown that driver performance depends more on brain efficiency than on muscular efficiency

From the racing circuits, research moved to universities with a functional magnetic resonance investigation into the cerebral characteristics that distinguish winning drivers

4 years of studies with the collaboration of 12 top drivers evidenced that a champion’s greatest asset is “Mental Economy”

The scientific publications derived from the Functional Magnetic Resonance study were presented at 4 editions of the prestigious “Human Brain Mapping” congress, attracting great interest from the international scientific community. In subsequent years, similar research showed that mental economy, scientifically referred to as Neural Efficiency, is a common characteristic of successful people, not only in sports, but also in work activities

Research in Formula Medicine continues today in a dedicated department that works alongside athletes on a daily basis. A high-tech simulator and chair have been equipped to test new devices and develop advanced bio and neuro feedback methods to be implemented in Mental Economy Training®