"After over twenty years of field studies and experience, Formula Medicine can now boast an exclusive and innovative mental training method capable of evaluating and improving brain efficiency with objective methods and results, through the integration of performance and energy expenditure"

The future is right here

Mental Economy Training® is a service provided by Mental Economy, a Formula Medicine spin-off and a Startup specialized in mental training

What is MET

Mental Economy Training® (MET) is a high-tech mental training pathway, aimed at improving brain efficiency through objective methods based on numerical findings. It enables elevated standards of performance with low consumption of brain energy, and better management of stress, emotions and psychological pressure.

Corpore sano in Mens sana

Mental Economy Gym®

The first gym entirely dedicated to mental training, able to objectively improve resources and performance, including focused attention, meditation, thought cleansing, stress management, decision-making ability, strategic skills, leadership and teamwork.

Training the brain.

Home Kit

Adequate mental training has to be consistent. The answer is the Formula Medicine Home Kit, a portable system that can be connected to Cloud to train at home, at work or when travelling. Formula Medicine’s specialists can see the results and interact remotely with their clients during suitably programmed sessions.

The mental gym that’s always with you

MET and Sport

Mental Economy Training® has been successfully developed and used by professional Formula 1 and MotoGP drivers. It has subsequently been applied in more than twenty sports, including football, tennis, skiing, sailing, horseback riding, skating, and pistol shooting.

Mind the difference

MET for corporate and executives

Management of psychological pressure and stress, mental clarity and decision-making ability are not the exclusive prerogatives of athletes. Today Mental Economy Training® also provides a solution for corporate and professional needs.

From the racetrack to daily life